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Another Atlantic City casino set to close

Posted by Thomas Darmody on the 30th of July

Yet another Atlantic City casino is set to close at the end of this summer, despite the fact that it is still profitable and was remodelled as recently as 2007. The Mardi Gras-themed Showboat is set to close on August 31st after 27 years of business and constant expansion. If a...

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First Vegas casino to use bitcoin ATM

Posted by Richard Pressman on the 3rd of June

An online report has revealed the plans of a casino in Vegas to use the first ever bitcoin ATM on its premises. The D hotel and Casino, owned by Derek Stevens, is the first to use a bitcoin ATM unit. Designed by Robocoin, the first manufacturer of a bitcoin ATM, the...

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Rule change in Las Vegas Casinos is bad news for players

Posted by Ted DeBeurgh on the 8th of May

A rule change at prominent Las Vegas casinos the Venetian and the Palazzo will have serious consequences for gamblers, whose odds are substantially affected. Reports from industry insiders suggest that the changes will "greatly hurt players chances of coming out ahead" as they favour the house with a strong bias. In...

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Paddy Power and Realistic Games team up to provide new application

Posted by Paul Stanley on the 31st of March

We’ve taken a look at Paddy Power, who has launched a new iPad application that improves customer experience.

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California Man sinks $500,000 on blackjack blowout

Posted by John Sykes on the 17th of March

Gambler loses $500,000 in night of blackjack and blackout drinking then sues the house in effort to reclaim losses.

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