Classic BlackjackClassic Blackjack tells you all you need to know about the classic casino game blackjack, including news, advice, and the best places to play online. Play now and receive your excellent sign up bonus!

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Classic BlackjackBlackjack is a classic casino game played all over the world, which has evolved into many variants. With so much choice available to blackjack fans, Classic Blackjack is an indispensible guide to the game.

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3 Star TATs said:

Nice site, was wondering where you joined to play, then realised you dont offer it lol. Going to join up now, just gotta decide where...choices choices...Standard live blackjack is my game anyways, prefer to look at the lovely european dealers then a video spitting cards out at 'random' ;)

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History of Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack HistoryBlackjack has been a popular card game since the 17th century and over the years has been adopted by many countries and known by many names. Once a favourite in the Wild West, and a Monte Carlo staple, it's loved for its strategic gameplay and the incredibly tense moment when the next card is dealt. In the 20th century, blackjack fell prey to card counters, but the problem was solved by the introduction of video cabinets and online blackjack. Classic blackjack celebrates the vibrant past of this traditional casino game.